Promote high quality ophthalmology education and keep members UpToDate on principles of eye care. It provides technical support to ophthalmology training programs to continuously improve quality of education. Organize regular CPD for ophthalmologists to keep members updated, Support and facilitate short-term and long-term training programs to members to advance eye care in all regions of the country.

S. No.NameSpecialtyInstitution / SCOET representationPosition in committee
 Dr Meseret Ejigu OSE EC DelegateChairman
 Dr Daniel Getaneh Refractive surgeonCPD coordinator/ BVECMember
 Dr Tsedeke AsaminewVitreoretinaSenior ophthalmologist with expert on medical/ophthalmology education / Dalia, SPMember
 Dr Awot YibrahGeneral OphthalmologistMekelle UniversityMember
 Dr Alemnew DemissieOrbit and OculoplastyGonder UniversityMember
 Dr Argaw AberaGeneral OphthalmologistHawassa UniversityMember
 Dr Asrat SimeOrbit and OculoplastySPHMMCMember
 Dr Addisu WorkuPediatric OphthalmologistAAUMember
 Dr Hussen TasiGeneral OphthalmologistJimma UniversityMember